Planned Giving

Create a legacy of hope

Gift plans create opportunities for both our donors and Camp of the Hills. There are many options from which you can choose. The correct plan for you balances what you wish to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your charitable interests in your overall estate and financial plans. Learn about giving strategies that allow you to make a meaningful charitable gift while possibly enhancing your, and your family’s, future financial well-being. Unless otherwise directed by you, the donor, all planned gifts will be put into the Camp of the Hills Operational Endowment. Listed below are some of the types of assets donors may contribute to Camp of the Hills.

Stocks or Bonds

A gift of your securities, including your stocks or bonds, is an easy way for you to make a gift. By making a gift of your appreciated securities, you can avoid paying capital gains tax that would otherwise be due if you sold these assets. Please contact us for delivery instructions to make a transfer from your brokerage account to us.

Retirement Assets

A gift of your retirement assets [IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax deferred plan] is an excellent way to make a gift. By making a gift of your retirement assets, you will help further our work. Give your retirement assets in your will Did you know that 50%-60% of your retirement assets may be taxed if you leave them to your heirs at your death? Another option is to leave your heirs assets that receive a step up in basis (such as real estate and stock) and give the retirement assets to our organization. As a charity, we are not taxed upon receiving an IRA or other retirement plan assets. How to transfer your retirement assets Your retirement assets may be transferred to us by completing a beneficiary designation form provided by your plan custodian. If you designate our organization as beneficiary, we will benefit from the full value of your gift because your IRA assets will not be taxed at your death. Your estate will benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift.

Life Insurance

A gift of your life insurance policy is an excellent way to make a gift to us. If your life insurance policy is no longer needed or will no longer benefit your survivors consider making a gift and help further our mission. Designate Us as Beneficiary of Your Policy You can also designate us as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You will continue to own and can make use of the policy during your lifetime. The policy will be included in your taxable estate when you pass away, but your estate will benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the value of the gift to us.

Real property

Business interests

(non-publicly traded or closely held stock, partnership interests, etc.)

Oil and gas, mineral and timber rights

Estate assets

Trust assets

Tangible personal property

If you have questions about donating a particular asset, please call or email Michael Thames.

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